How it works

House swapping, also known as home exchange, is where people vacationing or holidaying in other parts of their country or the world can save on accommodation costs by exchanging homes with others. These arrangements are often simultaneous but not always.

It’s free to join, there are no charges involved.  Anyone can browse our lists and contact our members as long as they become a member and submit their own property listing.

To become a member click the ‘Join Us’ link at the top right of this page. Once you have joined click the ‘Control Panel’ link on the welcome page and you will be taken to your control panel where you can add your property listing. Access to contact details of other members is automatic once your listing has been submitted.

Your Home Profile

Make the most of your profile page.

Our members are not only interested in finding out about your home but also about your locality, things to see and do and places to visit. To help you there are many travel websites that have plenty of information about your home town that you can use for inspiration when composing your description. All you need do is search Google for your location.

Pictures of interesting places near you are always well received and can be found by searching in Google images for your location as well.

How to join and submit your home profile

Just click on the "Join Us" button at the top right hand corner of this web page and complete the registration process. Then access your control panel from the "My Control Panel" button at the same location which is visible only to logged in members. On the next page choose to "Add a Home Profile" to be taken to the profile details submission form. After submitting the form you need to edit your profile to add photos.