Country: costa rica Suburb/Town: san vito City: sabalito State/Province/Region: puntarenas Type of home: Cottage Located: near a river Bedrooms: four Bathrooms: two full baths Sleeps: six comfortably
Our home:

Is located between the cities of San Vito and Sabalito on the southern Central border between Costa Rica and Panama. Living here is a mountain environment much cooler and docile in comparison to the lower elevations and beach front areas. The temperatures stay primarily between 70 - 80 degrees and offer year round rain showers mixed with sunny days. The months of December thru March are somewhat hotter but still within the same temps. September thru November are the wettest days nevertheless there is always morning sunshine. Our home was remodeled three years ago wherein we added a 2000sq. ft. timber frame cabin to the existing Tico style country home. We are situated on approximately 10 acres of land with a year round river running thru the middle of it. It is now an exotic garden in its entirety with an abundance of wildlife especially of the bird varieties, lots of Toucans! Life here is not for the fast lane, we are enclosed with  electric gates and fenced on all sides, we have three young children which we are Homeschooling with online streaming and we have up to date US television satellite television. We are joining this site in an attempt to arrange a home swap with someone in the US. so that we can attain citizenship for my Panamanian wife which will involve 6 month stays stateside for several years. We would prefer to exchange with someone around Colorado Springs, Colo. but are open for suggestions!

Home amenities

  • BBQ,
  • Balcony,
  • Bath,
  • Bicycle,
  • Cable/Satellite TV,
  • Carport,
  • Clothes Washer/Dryer,
  • Dishwasher,
  • Fans,
  • Garden-Yard,
  • Heating,
  • Internet Access,
  • Lock Up Garage,
  • Microwave,
  • Patio/Deck,
  • Sound system,
  • TV/DVD
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Our neighborhood:

is very quiet, predominantly a coffee growing region. These are hard working people and usually turn in by 7:00 pm every evening. We live on a gravel road so travel is slow and at times a little dusty but not when it rains! We live 7 kilometers from either San Vito or Sabalito and a round trip taxi to either costs about $6.00. We are situated in the middle of Costa Rica on the Southern zone which is about one hour and a half to the Pacific Ocean and about two and a half hours to the Atlantic. San Vito was originally inhabited by Italian immigrants and the most popular restaurant is still "Prosciutto's Liliana". The water here is I think the best in the world and comes right out of the mountains here! The ride to the Panamanian border is a 30 min. stroll on another gravel road which has been promised to be paved for the past four years now? Panama is o whole different story and would be glad to elaborate on the subject, to say the least it generally runs about 60 mph faster than the pace of life here. If you do not leave your gate open for long you can truly find the life of peace without stress.

Local Activities

  • Beach,
  • Cafes,
  • Public Transport,
  • Rock Climbing,
  • Scuba Diving,
  • Swimming Pool,
  • Waterfalls